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US-7205478-B2: Active device thread electrical connections patent, US-7234429-B2: Spark plug with increased durability patent, US-7372716-B2: Memory having CBRAM memory cells and method patent, US-7494208-B2: Inkjet printhead having a cantilever actuator patent, US-7566833-B2: Wired circuit board and production method thereof patent, US-7656093-B2: Discharge lamp and metal foil for a discharge lamp patent, US-7661275-B2: Ice making method and machine with PETD harvest patent, US-7696926-B2: Apparatus for identifying target satellite in satellite communication antenna and method thereof patent, US-7754543-B2: Method of patterning multiple-layered resist film and method of manufacturing semiconductor device patent, US-7991523-B2: Method for indirect tire pressure monitoring patent, US-8123303-B2: Automobile wheel and process for producing the same patent, US-8130329-B2: Monitor apparatus patent, US-8177673-B2: Compact transmission preventing a vehicle from moving backward on a slope patent, US-8231658-B2: Introducer device with locking adaptor patent, US-8249108-B2: Frame generating method patent, US-8251590-B2: Anti-rotation bearing assembly and bearing patent, US-8354600-B2: Printed wiring board and electronic device patent, US-8457055-B2: Radio base station used in mobile communication system patent, US-8524404-B2: Fuel cell anode stoichiometry control patent, US-7037059-B2: Self-tapping screw for composite materials patent, US-7101186-B1: Dally practicing systems patent, US-7191882-B2: Power transmitting apparatus patent, US-7274146-B2: Electrode structure of a plasma display panel patent, US-7513741-B2: Fan inlet flow distributor patent, US-7535526-B1: Transmission-reflection type liquid crystal display device having a light transmitting region in a reflecting film patent, US-7591170-B2: Rough road detection system patent, US-7617687-B2: Methods and systems of variable extraction for gas turbine control patent, US-7672416-B2: High-speed serial transceiver with sub-nominal rate operating mode patent, US-7755320-B2: Integrated circuit for driving motor patent, US-7757344-B2: Upright vacuum cleaner patent, US-7764456-B2: Method for reducing occurrences of tape stick conditions in magnetic tape patent, US-7768659-B2: Determining copper concentration in spectra patent, US-7800042-B2: Method and apparatus for setting black level in an imager using both optically black and tied pixels patent, US-7865412-B1: Method and system for account tracking patent, US-7961551-B2: Determining directional propagation attributes of a seismic event patent, US-7996363-B2: Real-time apply mechanism in standby database environments patent, US-8033770-B2: Vacuum processing apparatus patent, US-8050231-B2: Apparatus and method for decreasing handover delay in broadband wireless communication system patent, US-8091180-B2: Hinge assembly patent, US-8110055-B2: Self-sealing pneumatic vehicle tire and method for producing a self-sealing pneumatic vehicle tire patent, US-8181141-B2: Dummy rule generating apparatus patent, US-8247808-B2: Organic light emitting lighting apparatus patent, US-8273370-B2: Adhesive patch patent, US-8367516-B2: Laser bonding for stacking semiconductor substrates patent, US-8395092-B2: Moisture resistant layered sleeve heater and method of manufacturing thereof patent, US-8413862-B2: Clothing hanger device for vehicle deck lid patent, US-8446954-B2: Mode selection techniques for multimedia coding patent, US-8451531-B2: Light amplifier patent, US-8502505-B2: Battery driving device, load control method, integrated circuit and load control program patent, US-8578357-B2: Endian conversion tool patent, US-8660032-B2: Method for transmitting feedback of channel state information and user equipment patent, US-6905094-B2: Aircraft windshield attachment device patent, US-6995366-B2: Ion fragmentation by electron capture in linear RF ion traps patent, US-7071423-B2: Circuitized substrate assembly and method of making same patent, US-7140934-B2: Internal combustion engine having an improved oil pan structure for a personal watercraft, and personal watercraft including same patent, US-7177307-B2: Device and method for transmission in a switch patent, US-7297792-B2: Pyrazolopyridines and pyrazolopyridazines as antidiabetics patent, US-7300120-B2: Mounting structure of door basket for refrigerator patent, US-7363140-B2: Lane changing assistant for motor vehicles patent, US-7368598-B2: Process for converting methane to acetic acid patent, US-7373634-B2: User configurable language independent code assist method, system, article of manufacture, and computer program product patent, US-7379008-B2: Two-bit offset cancelling A/D converter with improved common mode rejection and threshold sensitivity patent, US-7389401-B2: Method and apparatus for storage provisioning automation in a data center patent, US-7395850-B2: Winding-up screen device patent, US-7403074-B2: Oscillator patent, US-7527379-B2: Ophthalmologic imaging apparatus patent, US-7646453-B2: Reflective polarizer with polarization splitting microstructure patent, US-7664069-B2: Method and system for preventing call drop by limiting search time of 1x system during 1x EV-DO system traffic state patent, US-7677022-B2: Convertible mower deck with angled pivoting baffles patent, US-7747142-B2: Randomly accessible visual information recording medium and recording method, and reproducing device and reproducing method patent, US-7834160-B2: Process for producing zinc oxide-protein complex patent, US-8000044-B2: Lens holder driving device and image pickup unit employing planary-driven polymer actuator patent, US-8123459-B2: Impeller, fuel pump having the impeller, and fuel supply unit having the fuel pump patent, US-8142560-B2: Ink set, and ink jet recording method using the ink set patent, US-8278859-B2: Electric motor drive device, control method of electric motor drive device, and electrically driven device patent, US-8285882-B2: Output apparatus, information processing apparatus, and network system patent, US-8305867-B2: Lens and optical pick-up patent, US-8320138-B2: DC converter patent, US-8321110-B2: Detection of hill grade and feed-forward distribution of 4WD torque bias to improve traction on a low MU surfaces during climbing of such hill grade patent, US-8344805-B2: High-frequency differential amplifier circuit patent, US-8479862-B2: Motorcycle exhaust device patent, US-8484828-B2: Method for fabricating a rotor for an induction motor patent, US-8616495-B2: Hydraulic circuit for actuating an undercarriage, and methods of deploying and raising an undercarriage using such a circuit patent, US-8628349-B2: Flexible printed circuit board connector patent, US-8630413-B2: Digital contents reproducing terminal and method for supporting digital contents transmission/reception between terminals according to personal use scope patent, US-8659828-B2: Polarization preserving projection screen with engineered particle and method for making same patent, US-6895028-B2: Light-emitting element controller, optical transmitting apparatus, and method and computer program for determining driving current patent, US-6952878-B1: Mobile sheet material cutting device patent, US-7044502-B2: Dual stage pyrotechnic driver inflator patent, US-7266750-B1: Error recovery strategies for iterative decoders patent, US-7326187-B2: Fluid control device patent, US-7346532-B2: Workflow system patent, US-7403012-B2: Detector for detecting a buried current carrying conductor using electromagnetic radiation of predetermined frequencies patent, US-7533979-B2: Ink composition, ink set using same, recording method, ink head and recorded image patent, US-7538297-B2: Appliance control with ground reference compensation patent, US-7552811-B2: Method and device for testing coins patent, US-7624575-B2: EGR mixer and ported shroud compressor housing patent, US-7707339-B2: Data arbitration on a bus to determine an extreme value patent, US-7760233-B2: Portable terminal and communication system controllable by remote mail patent, US-7787266-B2: Method for operating a frequency converter of a generator patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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