Apparatus for transporting flowable particulate material

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Hascon Uk Ltd
  • Publication Date: August 07, 1974
  • Publication Number: GB-1362509-A


1362509 Pneumatically emptying a container HASCON (UK) Ltd 12 April 1973 17633/73 Addition to 1332837 Heading B8A The apparatus of Patent Specification 1,332,837 is improved in that the material outlet comprises a conduit having one end portion movable longitudinally relative to another portion. In the Figure, material enters container 1 through inlet 7 which is then closed by valve 10. Air then enters gas inlet chamber 14 and, if necessary, compartment 16, through conduit 18 and valves (not shown). The air passes through porous wall 17 to fluidize the material, also passing through conduit 33 and porous side wall 27 of conical member 26 if it has entered compartment 16. Lower part 24 of material outlet conduit 21 is movable relative to upper part 22 via co-operating threads on part 24 and sleeve 23, to adjust the size of annular inlet 25 to the material being conveyed. When fluidized, pressure sensor 47 causes air inflow to cease and material outflow through conduit 21 and valve 34 occurs.




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