Coke ovens

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Carves Simon Ltd
  • Publication Date: September 04, 1974
  • Publication Number: GB-1365797-A


1365797 Coke ovens SIMON-CARVES Ltd 11 Dec 1972 [14 Dec 1971] 57172/72 Heading F4B In a CoppÚe type horizontal coke oven, the stretcher bricks between the heating flues and the coke chambers are less than 110 mm. thick, and the header bricks dividing the heating walls into flues are not more than 100 mm. thick. The thickness of the header bricks may be reduced towards the faces of the heating walls, Fig. 2, and the thickness of the headers is preferably between 70 and 90 mm. The thickness of the stretcher bricks is preferably between 60 and 80 mm.




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