Articulated coil spring connector


1366561 Moving band filter KOMLINESANDERSON ENG CORP 25 Aug 1972 [1 Nov 1971] 39744/72 Heading B1D [Also in Divisions E2 and F2] In a filter whose filter medium comprises an array of parallel helical spings entrained round an inward flow drum (2) and rollers spaced therefrom (Fig. 1, not shown) the two ends of each spring are connected by a coupling (Fig. 3) which allows local bending of the ends of the spring as it passes round the rollers thereby eliminating a weak point in the spring. The coupling comprises two sleeves 10 with facing shoulders 26 over which the ends 29 of the springs are bent, the sleeves being connected by rivet 18, 20, 22 which extends through bores 16 with clearance to allow relative angular movement of the sleeves. Some axial play is allowed, and sleeves 10 are free to rotate. The springs 5 extend round the drum in the form of two layers (Fig. 2, not shown) which run round separate sets of rollers (6..9) off the drum. The filter cake remains on the outer layer and is removed by flexing of the springs in passing round roller (8) and by tines (T). The springs and couplings are stainless steel.




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