Articulated vehicle system


1367068 Trailers M D BAXTER [trading as ADVERTRANS] 18 Oct 1971 [20 Oct 1970] 49633/70 Heading B7B An articulated vehicle comprises a tractor unit and a semi-trailer consisting of a body 2 with disconnectible running gear 1 that may be carried on the tractor unit when so disconnected. The running gear includes single or tandem wheel axles suspended from a frame and a bracket 3 engageable with a lifting device 4 on the tractor unit. The running gear has a lifting device, not shown, for raising the body 2 to permit lowering of legs 6 and 12, Fig. 3, and removal of the running gear. An hydraulic jack 14 positions a swivel joint 7 at the correct height for rotation of a device 4 about the swivel joint 7, thus lifting the running gear into an upside down position on supports 10, Fig. 11.




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