Anchorage sleeve


1368091 Making anchorage sleeves, jointing by forging H PFEIFER [trading as EDUARD PFEIFER HANFUND DRAHTSEILE] 3 Aug 1971 [7 Aug 1970] 36443/71 Headings B3A and B3H [Also in Division E1] An anchorage sleeve 10 for lifting concrete bodies has means for attaching a lifting tool at one end and at the other end an anchorage component comprising sheet material or a plate 3, the sleeve passing through an opening 5 in the plate, a portion of the sleeve projecting beyond the plate being enlarged in relation to the opening and the portion of the sleeve adjacent the enlarged portion being formed for locking engagement in the opening. The sleeve is provided with a screw thread 11 for engagement with the lifting tool but this may be replaced by, e.g. a bayonet joint, wedging means or the like. The enlarged portion of the sleeve may be formed with a step 6 for engagement with the surface of the sheet material 3. A plastics plug 14 is provided to prevent concrete entering the upper part of the sleeve during casting. In an alternative embodiment, Fig. 2 (not shown), the sleeve is made from solid metal rod and is bored at both ends, but leaving an unbored portion serving the same purpose as the plug 14. In a further embodiment, the rod is only bored at one end and the solid other end is inserted in the aperture in the sheet material, where it is riveted over, Fig. 2. Two sleeves (10) may be secured to sheet material (4) and interconnected by a loop of cable (13), Fig. 3 (not shown). A plurality of sleeves, e.g. three, may be secured to one plate if heavy loads have to be provided for.




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