Vacuum cleaner having a signal device for indicating absence of a dust bag

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Electrolux Ltd
  • Publication Date: November 06, 1974
  • Publication Number: GB-1372658-A


1372658 Suction cleaners ELECTROLUX Ltd 16 May 1973 [31 May 1972] 23342/73 Heading A4F A suction cleaner includes means responsive to the absence of a dust bag to render operable a device to produce a warning signal. When the dust bag 19 is in position a cardboard sheet 19a surrounding the mouth 19b of the bag bears against a pin 48 to hold closed a valve 47 against the action of a spring 51. In the absence of the dust bag 19 the valve 47 opens and operation of the cleaner causes an air flow through an inlet 53 past a metal reed 42 to vibrate the latter to produce an audible signal.




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