Adhesive tape dispensers

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Weick H H
  • Publication Date: November 13, 1974
  • Publication Number: GB-1373418-A


1373418 Tape dispensers H H WEICK 6 Jan 1972 [21 Jan 1971 29 April 1971 14 Nov 1971] 670/72 Heading A4G The invention resides in a holder for converting a hand held tape dispenser into a self-supporting dispenser. The hand held dispenser B, Fig. 1 comprises a casing containing tape roll 11 which is pulled through a front aperture and cut on knife 12, and has a front space into which may be removably inserted a slidable member 13 carrying an upper tape-deflecting roller 14. On inserting the dispenser B and manually sliding outwards member 13, the tape may be directly applied to an article by the roller, and on releasing member 13, the pull of the tape pushes in member 13 and allows the tape to be cut. The holder A has a rear opening 4 into which the dispenser is slid until the dispensing aperture, knife 12 and roller 14 are exposed at the holder casing opening 6 and the bottom of sliding member 13 is resiliently engaged over the middle arm 10a of an E-spring whose outer arms are engaged between holder ridges 7a, 7b. In space 15 between the sloping front of the holder and the dispenser, there is a roll of tape 16 adhesive on both sides which may be pulled through slot 17 and stuck to the base 1 of the holder. On removing protective covering 16b the tape 16a allows the holder to be fixedly secured e.g. on a table. The holder may in addition be screwed thereto or rest under its own weight. In further embodiments the dispenser may be secured in the holder by ribs or rails, and the spring 10 replaced by a springy part of the holder itself. In Fig. 4, the handle 71 of dispenser B5 is releasably held by projections 75, 80 engaging in holder apertures 74, 81, and the tape 92 runs over two rollers 91,90, 91 being on the slidable member controlled by trigger 95, with the cutter 94 between the rollers. The holder base is secured to a table edge with the roll 89 depending thereover. Tape may be pulled off manually and cut or an article taped by passing it over the rollers.




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