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  • Publication Date: November 27, 1974
  • Publication Number: GB-1375274-A


1375274 Laminates JOHNS-MANVILLE CORP 9 Nov 1972 [24 Nov 1971] 51779/72 Heading B5N In a method of producing a laminate of a substrate of bonded fibreglass, a facing outer layer, an intermediate reinforcing layer having openings distributed over its surface and a layer of film adhesive, the outer layer 12, reinforcing material 14 and film adhesive 16 are converged into superposed contacting relationship, subjected to heat and pressure to cause the film adhesive to bond the reinforcing material to the outer layer through the openings in the reinforcing material to form a facing which is then superposed on substrate 10 with the layer of film adhesive contacting the substrate and subjected to heat and pressure to bond the facing to the substrate. Film adhesive may be heated by hot roll 24 covered with polytetrafluoroethylene tape 40 as the layers pass between the hot roll and pressure roll 26 having rubber facing 44 or an opposing conveyer, and the facing cooled by means of rolls 28 prior to trimming the edges in slitter 30 and winding up on mandrel 32. The apparatus may then be modified and substrate 10 carried on conveyer 34 fed through hot roll 24 and pressure roll 26 with the facing to effect bonding. Alternatively the facing may be contacted with and bonded to the substrate prior to cooling. Outer layer 12 may be preheated by passage over roll 36. Bonding of layers 12, 14 and 16 may be effected using a pressure of 5-50 pounds per square inch with the roll 24 being heated to 350-600‹ F. and the materials being fed at 20-125 feet per minute, and the facing may be bonded to the substrate using a pressure of 5-20 pounds per square inch, a roll temperature of 300-500‹ F. and a feed rate of 10-50 feet per minute. The outer layer 12 may be a reflective aluminium foil or plastics sheet, the sheet material 14 may be a scrim of glass fibres, organic fibres or wire and the adhesive film 16 may be of a thermoplastic resin, e.g. ethylene acrylic acid copolymer or vinyl resin.




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