Attachment for installing an electrical module

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Halstead W M
  • Publication Date: December 04, 1974
  • Publication Number: GB-1375966-A


1375966 Inserting components in circuit boards W M HALSTEAD 2 Nov 1971 50954/71 Heading B3A An attachment (20) for installing an electric module 12 on a printed circuit board the module having two rows of terminal leads 13 to be inserted in apertures in the printed circuit board comprises a module receiving body 21, Fig. 4, and a pair of jaws 24, which move transversely towards and away from the body and have inturned portions which are provided with lead receiving notches (26), Fig. 9 (not shown), to straighten and align the leads prior to insertion in the board. The module is placed on a head 15 or 15a of a tool 10 with its leads 13 engaged in slots 16 and the tool and module are inserted in an attachment 20, with the module 12 located in a U-shaped body 21, which also engages the head 15 outside of the slots 16. The jaws 24 are closed manually against the bias of a leaf spring (31), Fig. 7 (not shown), with the leads 13 located in the notches (26). The jaws are held closed by a clamping screw 27 and spring 30 and the screw also engages the module 12 to clamp it on the head 15, Figure 7. The module leads are then inserted in the circuit board apertures and the tool 10 and attachment 20 removed after slackening the screw 27. The attachment 20 may be used by itself without the tool 10 for inserting the leads in circuit boards.




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