Method of drying foodstuffs

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Unilever Ltd
  • Publication Date: January 02, 1975
  • Publication Number: GB-1379314-A


1379314 Drying by immersion UNILEVER Ltd 15 March 1973 [17 March 1972] 12615/72 Heading F4G A foodstuff is dried by immersing it in a frozen state in ethanol and maintaining the temperature of the foodstuff and ethanol mixture in the range - 20‹ C. to 0‹ C. until at least half the moisture content of the foodstuff has been dissolved from it whereafter the residual ethanol is evaporated off. The foodstuff is a temperature in the range - 20‹ C. to -5‹ C. when it is immersed in the ethanol and is brought to the frozen state by a slow freezing process. Ethanol is evaporated off from the foodstuff in a current of air the temperature of which is no higher than 80‹ C. Raw or cooked meat, fish, vegetables and fruit may be dried in this process.




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