Cutting apparatus

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Wirstrom R T
  • Publication Date: January 02, 1975
  • Publication Number: GB-1379359-A


1379359 Cutting apparatus R T WIRSTROM 11 Sept 1973 [20 Sept 1972] 42661/73 Heading B4B An apparatus for cutting a block of plastics material into sheets comprises a reciprocable table 11 for supporting the material, cutting means 60 having two cutting edges, the cutting means being vertically adjustable such that as the material is moved back and forth past the respective cutting edges, the cutting means is vertically adjusted in order to separate the block into a pile of sheets. The cutting means 60 is in the form of an endless band provided with a single sharpened edge and which by means of rollers 61, 63 is treated such that the sharpened edge is directed in opposite directions so as to provide the two cutting edges. The blade is guided in slits (57, 59) Fig. 3 (not shown) formed in a beam 51; the beam is pivotally mounted at its ends to brackets 47, 49 mounted on four sleeves 33, 35 slidable on respective columns 25, 27. The frame constituted by the sleeves and brackets 47 is raised and lowered by a motor 37 via gears 41 and chain transmission 43. The beam is pivoted about pins 69 at each stroke of the table by means of hydraulic cylinder (71), the degree of tilt being determined by fixed or adjustable stops (77, 79).




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