Vehicle jack

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Medwick J PThiffault M
  • Publication Date: January 08, 1975
  • Publication Number: GB-1379810-A


1379810 Vehicle jacks J P MEDWICK and M THIFFAULT 19 Dec 1972 [21 Dec 1971] 58536/72 Heading B8J A vehicle jack 1, shown exploded in Fig. 3, comprises a shaft 5 with a portion 7 angularly offset by 5 to 10 degrees therefrom and which can be inserted into one of a number of sockets 3a, 3b attached to each side of the chassis of a vehicle at the bottom thereof. The portion 7 is non-rotatably associated with the socket, while opposite end 9 of the shaft 5 has a bearing surface for receiving a hub 13 of a lifting member 11. A ground contacting surface 17 formed by a rod 18, as shown, or by a plate, is joined to the hub 13 by spokes 23, 25 at either end 19, 21 and by intermediate spokes 27. The surface 17 increases in radial distance from end 19 to end 21. In use the portion 7 is inserted in a selected socket, as shown in Fig. 1, and the vehicle driven forward a short distance to cause the surface 17 to rotate until the vehicle is raised sufficiently, when a spring loaded pin 31 is released to enter the nearest radial hole 39 in the portion 9 to lock the jack 1 in the raised position, Fig. 2 (not shown). In an alternative embodiment, Fig. 5 (not shown), one end (51) of the hub 13 extending outwardly from the vehicle can be formed with a hexagon head and rotated by a telescoping handle (53).




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