Security device for casement stays

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Shaw Mfg Ltd
  • Publication Date: January 08, 1975
  • Publication Number: GB-1379897-A


1379897 Fastening window stays; latch fastenings ARTHUR SHAW MFG Ltd 20 Jan 1972 [29 Jan 1971] 3495/71 Headings E2A and E2F A security fastening device is employed to hold a window stay bar in abutment with a keeper mounted on the window frame; the device is detachably secured to the keeper and has a resilient portion which holds the bar in position and which must be manually released. In the embodiment shown in Fig. 8, a keeper has a mounting plate 21 for attachment to the window frame and pegs, e.g. 23, which receive the stay bar 27. The fastening device 29 is secured beneath the mounting plate at 30 and is resilient with a head 31 which, as the bar is brought down and its flange engages the curved top portion, is deflected to the right, spring back when the bar is seated on the peg to hold it in position, as shown. In the embodiment shown in Fig. 4 the fastening device has a central aperture and fits over the shank 3 of the keeper 1, projections 15, 18 bracing against the keeper to allow the stay bar 5 to be firmly secured. The head in each case is pushed back by hand to release the bar. The fastening device is preferably a plastics moulding but may be of rigid metal alloy with the head hinged and spring biassed.




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