Inflatable member particularly for use as a dunnage device

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Goodyear Tire & Rubber
  • Publication Date: January 08, 1975
  • Publication Number: GB-1380153-A


1380153 Cushions GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER CO 4 April 1972 15471/72 Heading A4M [Also in Divisions B5 B7 and D1] An inflatable member 10, for use as a dunnage device to shore merchandise in a cargo compartment of a transport vehicle e.g. railway wagon, truck or ship, comprises a unitary body 12 formed of a flexible laminate including a layer 20 of flexible polymeric material forming a major portion of the laminate and a layer 22 of open mesh textile fabric material extending over and substantially co-planar with the outer surface of the polymeric layer 20, with the polymeric material filling and extending through the interstices of the fabric layer 22 to provide a roughened, wear-resistant exposed surface and to form a bond able to withstand at least 1 p.s.i., and valve means 14 connected to body 12 for inflation thereof. The body 12 comprises two opposed plies 16 and 18 of the laminate, with the outer edges of the plies sealed to form a pressure tight seam 24. When a generally V-shaped fabric strip 26 extends around the inner periphery of the sealed edges and fits into the crotch-like contour thereof, higher pressures up to about 4 p.s.i can be withstood. The fabric layer 22 may be of a straight lenoweave construction, Fig. 3 (not shown), or of a reverse leno-weave construction, Fig. 4 (not shown). The polymeric layer 20 is of a fluidimpervious elastomer such as a butyl elastomer and the fabric layer 22 is of nylon, cotton, rayon or polyester.




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