Loom reed motion


1380878 Terry looms ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL CORP 24 May 1973 [10 July 1972] 24894/73 Heading DIE A Terry loom has, at each side of the sley, two levers 48, 49 operated by cams 74, 75 to move the reed between upper and lower positions to beat-up the weft, the cam 74 being the Terry cam and having three lifts, a first lift 76 moving a pick to a loose beat-up position # inch from fast beat-up position, a second lift 78 moving a pick to a loose position 1/16 inch from fast beat up and a third lift 80 moving picks to fast beat-up, and the cam 75 being a plain cam and having two lifts 82, 83, coincident with the loose lifts 76, 78 so that when the cam 75 is effective the lifts 82, 83 and the lift 80 of the other cam beat-up all wefts to the fast position to produce plain fabric. The cam 75 is brought into operation by pattern means. For Figures see next column




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