Machines for filling containers


1381122 Packaging flowable material; filling containers BECKER EQUIPMENT & LIFTS Ltd 17 Feb 1972 [19 Feb 1971] 5041/71 Headings B8C and B8T A pneumatically-operated machine for filling intermittently-supplied containers 4 with material such as margarine from a supply 2, has a dispenser 1 and a valve-controlled main-nozzle controlled by means 6 to detect the presence of a container 4, the absence of a container resulting in discharge of material through an auxiliary nozzle for return along line 8 to supply 2. The nozzles are fed from plunger-operated valves 3a, 3b in series within assembly 3, which receiver measured volumes of material from dispenser 1. The dispenser comprises double-acting pistons 21, 22 in cylinders 11, 12 which receive and discharge material via rotary valves 15, 16. The amount discharged is determined by the stroke of the pistons, this being variable by means of device 14.




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