Rescinnamine-like compounds and a process for producing the same

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Nippon Chemiphar Co
  • Publication Date: March 12, 1975
  • Publication Number: GB-1386859-A


1386859 Rescinnamine-like compounds NIPPON CHEMIPHAR CO Ltd 28 April 1972 [8 Oct 1971 (2) 28 Dec 1971] 19862/72 Heading C2C Novel compounds I in which R, R<SP>1</SP> and R<SP>11</SP> are 1-4C alkyl; R 1 is H or NO 2 ; R 2 and R 3 are H, OH, 1-4C alkoxy, aralkyloxy, or 2-5C alkoxycarbonyloxy; R 4 is H or 1-4C alkoxy or R 3 and R 4 together may form 1-4C alkylenedioxy with the exception of compounds I where (i) R 1 to R 4 are all H or (ii) R 1 is H and R 2 to R 4 are all 1-4C alkoxy or (iii) R 1 and R 2 are H and R 3 and R 4 together form 1-4C alkylenedioxy are prepared by reacting an alkyl reserpate II with a cinnamic acid derivative III or by hydrolysis of compounds I in which R 2 or R 3 is alkoxycarbonyloxy to give compounds I in which R 2 or R 3 is OH. The compounds II may be prepared by selective hydrolysis of compounds IV 6 - Nitro - 3,4 - methylenedioxycinnamoyl chloride is prepared by reaction of the free acid with SOCl 2 .




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